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4 Blogger Lessons from Sochi Olympics

We’ve all seen the pictures from the Sochi Olympics – unfinished hotels, rooms with toilets installed incorrectly, homeless doggies wandering around and many more abysmal failures. It is a sad reflection on them. But we as bloggers can learn things from their issues. sochi-e1392309234490 Plan Accordingly Had the Sochi people planned correctly, they would have had a timeline in place to get their rooms finished before people got there for the Olympics. Start using an editorial calendar so you don’t forget important holidays. Keep drafts of posts to jot down important ideas that you can come back and flesh out later. Be Thorough in Your Work In Sochi, a ton of money was spent to make the hotels beautiful. And they were…from the outside, but they got the smaller details wrong - ie putting toilets seats on wrong. Remember, that while a beautiful website or bl...

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Published Author: The Dirty Secrets No One Tells You

As bloggers, many of us aspire to be published authors. However, don’t expect to make much more than you do now. According to a new report, by Digital Book World most authors make less than $1,000 annually. Yes, you read that right, less than $1,000. Further, the study showed, that only 10 percent of traditionally published authors made more than $20,000 a year and 5 percent of self-published authors made more than $20,000 a year. I’m not trying to discourage you from becoming an author, food critic or paid writer by any means. I love the respect that comes with being a published author. But you may be in for a surprise. What I never was told before I published my book, is that most publishing companies don’t help you promote your book one bit. When I published my book, I did all the marketing for my book. I had to come up with a list of contacts to send it to for review. I had to schedule ALL of my book signings. One store was even so insulting as to tell me they would only pay for how many books sold. So, I’d have to br...

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How to Find and Work with a Guest Blogger

The problem is inevitable once you reach a certain status as a blogger: you can't possibly go to all the events you are invited to attend. It is definitely a good problem to have, but a problem nonetheless. Instead of spreading yourself thin and trying to attend as many events as possible, consider a guest blogger. One the best ways to find a guest blogger is someone who is already a fan of yours or maybe someone who you interact with on Twitter. Asking family or friends to write rarely works. Remember - they have to be passionate about the subject like you are, or they won't be motivated to write. If you are already going to lots of tweetups and media events it is possible you may have met someone who wants to write for you. You can even post or tweet about it to see if anyone is interested. There are so many who only want to write occasionally, it presents the perfect opportunity for you to gain a guest poster. As bloggers, most of us don't make money from our blogs, but write as a hobby. In lieu of payment, you will give the blogger the opportunity to attend a fun event with no cost to them. In return, you are getting a post out of it, so it is win-win for everyone. And...

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When is it Right to Write for Free?

Writing without compensation is no doubt a hot button for bloggers and food writers these days. As bloggers we want the recognition for writing and we know if we don't have prior writing experience under our belt, we have to pay our dues. Food critics dislike our writing for free as it lowers their earning potential in turn. So when is it right to write for free? The answer is when it benefits you as much or more than it costs you. I’ve been freelance writing for three years. I knew in the beginning I’d have to work for free, so I started writing for a women’s website where I learned lots about writing for the online world and Search Engine Optimization, etc. I since wrote for a couple other online publications, although the compensation was little or nothing, my meal was taken care of and I had the opportunity to re-post that content on my food blog. About a year ago, I just about jumped out of my skin when a local print magazine asked me if I would be interested in writing a monthly food column for them. Yes! Finally, my talents are being recognized! I drove across town eagerly anticipating sharing all the thoughts about what we could do with this column and how grea...

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