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Social Media Rules: Ethics and Disclosure in Blogging

I recently read an article on SocialFish about FTC rules relating to publicists and social media managers and bloggers. Basically, it puts the onus on these publicists and anyone in social media representing a company to require that bloggers disclose an freebies. "The difference between honesty and sleazery is disclosure." A good quote from the article, it goes on to say that it is all about trust and you can't gain that if you don't disclose that you as a brand have given something to bloggers for free. But what about us bloggers? We have the responsibility as well to disclose when we get anything for free, whether the restaurant / manufacturer asks us to or not. I wrote about an experience where a company explicitly asked us bloggers NOT to disclose that we had gotten anything for free. It left me with an icky feeling, and the result is that I never wrote a word about t them. Has this ever happened to you? You are a...

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How to Stand Out in the Blogosphere

I’m often asked by new bloggers, what to do when starting a new blog. There are so many blogs out there, how do you stand out? How do you make a difference and get recognized? Here are some strategies that I recommend for getting noticed in the blogosphere.

Take a different perspective

A strange thing happens to us food writers after several years of writing and some recognition. We sometimes forget we are writing for foodies and start writing for other bloggers / food writers. And sometimes we are afraid to say something opposite of what the critics are saying. There’s great power in being a newbie. No one knows you…yet, so feel free to be quite opinionated and speak candidly. Maybe that pricey steak joint that just opened up in Trendyville isn’t as fabulous as every other food writer would have readers believe. Spill the beans and let your readers know why. You’d be surprised how fast word spreads.

Reach out to Publicists

With so many writers and media out there, it is difficult for publicists to keep up with all the blogs. However, it is easy for bloggers to find out the publicists who represent restaurants within the city. Reach out to them (send...

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When Social Media Bites You in the Ass

Be careful what you put on Social Media, or it could get you into hot water. That's a lesson we can learn from the experiences of several people who've gotten fired recently over things they've put on Social Media. At a technology conference two men making crude jokes were overheard by a female. She took a picture of them and tweeted to her 10,000 followers. One of the guys was fired on the spot. Surprisingly, the woman was also fired after pressure from her company. Then, there's the story of the Bitter Barista. Matt Watson, 30, of Seattle, Wash started a website that posts all of his snarky tweets of satirical content about customers. With tweets like, "When I ask, "for here or to go?" I'm only curious what kind of cup you want…Not what your plans for the day are." Or, "Yes, coffee is expensive. But you're more than welcome to go to Ethiopia and get it yourself." Although he didn't identify himself on the website, it only takes ...

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Do You Four Square?

Four Square is the latest (or one of the latest) Social Media sites to hit the scene. Four Square is a tool which has a goal of keeping track of where you’re going and where you’re friends are going. I didn't get Four Square at first, kinda like Twitter. I kept seeing those check-ins all over Facebook and Twitter and thought to myself "Who cares that Joe is at Starbucks??" But as someone who is fascinated by Social Media, I signed up for an account and started using Four Square. Now, I can't relax at a venue before I check-in. Perhaps you are already in the know. But in case you aren't, here's a quick rundown on Four Square and why it's great. Whenever you go to a new place, you tell Four Square where you are. You just download the Four Square application to your cell which tracks you to find where you are and what’s near you via GPS in your phone. When you tell Four Square where you are, this is called “checking in.” Basically, there are 3 things you need to know about Four Square to get started: 1. Points - whenever there's points involved - I want them and lots of them! You get points for checking-in, if it's the first time at a venue, etc, et...

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