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Google Recipe Search Tool: What it Means for Food Recipe Bloggers

Last month, Google introduced a Recipe Search Tool. Basically the Google Recipe Search tool allows users to search by ingredients, calories, even how much time you have to cook. Google states that one percent of searches are for recipes, which doesn't sound like much in terms of percentage, but that does equate to quite a few searches. GoogleRecipeViewer Google's Recipe Search Tool functions automatically when you open up a search in Google for what it thinks is a recipe search. Note in the image above blue box around the word "Recipes." In the image above, we've done a search for Chicken Pot Pie. On the sidebar to the left, you have the option of choosing ingredients to include, the cook time and even the amount of calories included in the recipe you are searching for. While this has made it incredibly easy for those searching for recipes, it has not helped Food R...

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