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FTC Blogger Disclosure: Are You in Compliance?

One of the stipulations of being part of the Association of Food Bloggers is that you disclose freebies that you are given. Besides durables like books or cooking utensils, this includes any free meals that you are given. It is just part of our ethical standards, and, well, the right thing to do. So, if you are reviewing a restaurant based on a free meal, you should be disclosing (somewhere in the post) that you received the meal for free. However, the FTC made it law that bloggers much disclose such freebies just over a year ago. Did you know that this extends to even Facebook and Twitter? And there are hefty fines (up to $11,000) if found guilty of non-disclosure. View the full guidelines here. We perused the document but didn't read it in it's entirety (it is 81 pages) and it seems like it gives the FTC free reign to investigate anyone, who endorses a product if the FTC finds that the product was anything other than a cash for product / service transaction. So why is the FTC targeting bloggers more than others? They point to the fact of the growing power and clout of blogs. This stealthy Social Med...

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