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Forks Over Knives Movie Review

Last week, we went to see the movie Forks Over Knives. This is the documentary that makes the case for eating a plant-based diet. The film follows a couple of doctors that have adopted this way of life and recommend this plant-based diet to their patients. The doctors, now both in their seventies are still thriving and living full lives. It is probably a fair assumption that most people would argue that a diet low in fat or one where we consume small portions of meat with the bulk of nutrition coming from fruit, vegetables, fish and dairy would be the healthiest, right? Here’s what is a little different about the claims made in the Forks Over Knives: they want you to give up dairy as well as ALL meat including fish. They argue that if it had eyes, a tail, fins, or came from something with any of those features than it is bad for you. This was a little surprising to say the least. Most of us have been told from the time we are kids that we get lots of Vitamin D from Milk and that a little bit of protein is good for us. We’ve also been told (at least in the last 10 – 15 years) that fish are high in Omega-3 which promotes good health. During the course of Forks Over Kni...

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