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Denise Vivaldo’s Food Styling Class

As I stood in the check out line at the grocery store the other day, the beautiful images of the food splashed across the covers caught my eye. I couldn’t help picking up one to flip through as I waited. But I’m a little cynical now when it comes to these gorgeous spreads. You see, I recently attended a food styling class that gave away many of the tricks of trade to creating the images you see in the glossy magazines. food styling tips from the profressional food styling class Denise Vivaldo The food styling class is taught by accomplished chef and stylist, Denise Vivaldo. She’s worked as a caterer and ...

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A Look into the World of Food Stylists

Cutting pepperoni just right, nailing pizza to a box, sifting through mozzarella cheese to find the perfect strands. This is a fascinating look into the world of food stylists. Food stylists use all sorts of props to get their shots to look just right including tweezers, hair dryers, even nails. We are offered a glimpse into the making of a 30 second Domino's Pizza commercial. It took 150 people to create this 30 second video. How about that? ...

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