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How to Develop a Routine for Blog Management

By Grant Goggans Whether your blog is a genuine revenue stream or it's a very fun hobby, the last thing you want as a blogger is for your writing to devolve into drudgery. However you manage your blog, you are your own boss, and the freedom and flexibility that comes with that independence are among the things that make blogging so attractive. So how can you ensure that this "lifestyle," this "hobby," this "career," this whatever-you-wanna-call it does not turn into the sort of J-O-B that leaves you ready to just quit the darn thing? The answer, I think, is to find a routine that you are genuinely comfortable with, and manage your content, your promotion, and your focus on your terms and your terms only. You will find yourself looking forward to publishing the next chapters of your blog, and never frustrated with the experience. Let's get started with the most important factor: your content. When you started writing, you were probably posting stories pretty soon after you finished writing them, and you might have developed either a routine or a schedule from then. But what happens when you have an event that throws that routine into disarray? If you a...

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Just a Byte Podcasts

The Just a Byte Podcast features dining trends, social media, interviews and foodie news. Podcast 1 - 6 Things Every Blog Should Have Podcast 2 - Interview with Author, World Traveler and Blogger, Beth Robinette...

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4 Blogger Lessons from Sochi Olympics

We’ve all seen the pictures from the Sochi Olympics – unfinished hotels, rooms with toilets installed incorrectly, homeless doggies wandering around and many more abysmal failures. It is a sad reflection on them. But we as bloggers can learn things from their issues. sochi-e1392309234490 Plan Accordingly Had the Sochi people planned correctly, they would have had a timeline in place to get their rooms finished before people got there for the Olympics. Start using an editorial calendar so you don’t forget important holidays. Keep drafts of posts to jot down important ideas that you can come back and flesh out later. Be Thorough in Your Work In Sochi, a ton of money was spent to make the hotels beautiful. And they were…from the outside, but they got the smaller details wrong - ie putting toilets seats on wrong. Remember, that while a beautiful website or bl...

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Keep on Keeping On

My, my - this year has just flown by. Thanksgiving is already this week. I don’t know where you are in your blogging career, but no matter, always a good idea to take stock of how far you’ve come and what your goals are. And what better time than Thanksgiving? I first started food blogging in mid-2008. At that time PR companies were still on the fence about us bloggers. I wrote and wrote and wrote content for my blog – pouring my heart and soul into it – still do. Yet, months and months went by before I got a media invite. When I did, I was overjoyed with excitement! Yes! Finally the affirmation that I’d wanted for so long – the PR companies haven noticed me, and they think my opinion matters. Things have really changed in the last 1.5 years. I’ve gotten invites to many media events and have met some really great chefs in this time – Alton Brown, Tyler Florence and Marcus Samuelson just to name a few. I feel fortunate, but I can’t help but sometimes feel a bit slighted by this industry too. I’ve applied to be a host of a foodie tv show, a contributor to local paper and another foodie website and was overlooked by all. And still, even with my site’s pa...

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