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3 Tips for Getting More Blog Traffic

Whether your blog is brand new or been around for quite a while, you can always benefit from more traffic. Here are couple traffic generating tips that have helped over the years. 1. Write Thought Provoking Content Put a lot into your writing. As bloggers, we all know when we've poured our heart and soul into a post and when we've just "phoned it in" so to speak. Write remarkable content, and people will come to read it and share it. I find that lists do really well in generating comments. So for example, writing a list of "10 of my favorite tapas restaurants" or "16 Different Ways to Use Cilantro" are great ways to generate interest, readership, comments and sharing. 2. Market Your Blog Even if you consider yourself to be a blogger, you must consider yourself a marketer too. Those great posts you need to write need to be read and that starts with you marketing your blog. Have a sharing mechanism in your posts, so that readers can share your content with friends. Publish your posts to Twitter when they go live. Link your blog to Facebook. Besides Social Media, there are other ways to promote your blog. Comment on other blogs. There are...

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