Membership Guidelines

  • Your blog must be food related in nature. It cannot be a blog that is about something else with some food related content.
  • Must be in existence for 12 months with CONSISTENT posting each month.
  • Must have an average of at least 4 posts per month
  • Length should be between 300 – 600 words per post
  • This must be legitimate content, with useful information, not a listing of products for sale
  • Site cannot have negative / personal attacks in it
  • Site cannot have any adult content (must be PG -rated)

Due to the volume of applicants, and the amount of time involved in approving members, we’ve had to add a small application fee of 17.97 USD. This covers the cost of our time to verify applicants meet the criteria outlined above. It may take up to 30 days for the approval process. If you are not approved, your money will be refunded.

If your blog meets these standards, apply to be a member after submitting your application fee. You will be redirected to the application page after payment is made. By applying for membership you agree to be automatically added to our email list. Please do not apply if your blog does not meet these minimum standards. Also, if it isn’t obvious what city your based in, ex. Atlanta Restaurant Blog, then PLEASE fill in that information, or it will take longer to get you listed.

Mastermind Membership – Coming Soon!

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