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Taco Bell Cantina Bell flops

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Taco Bell Cantina Menu: Social Media Fail

Posted on 18 July 2012 by Administrator

“You can’t believe everything you read on the internet.” That’s what a Taco Bell employee said to me when I flashed their Facebook offer on my smart phone, refusing to honor the July 4th weekend BOGOF promotion for their new Cantina Bowl.

Like many other food bloggers, I rarely ever eat fast food. Created by Chef Lorena Garcia, Taco Bell’s new Cantina menu seems to be different. The upscale menu comes with guacamole, cilantro rice and charred corn salsa and protein of your choice, and is under 600 calories. The price point makes it a poor man’s Chipotle.

Between the television commercials and consistent Facebook ads, it was nearly impossible to avoid hearing about the deal. Interested in seeing how well the Cantina Bell menu lives up to its claims, I decided to give it a try. Plus, I like to participate in social media promotions just to see how well they play out in the real world.

Trying to keep printing to a minimum, I was pleased to see that Taco Bell’s offer allows users to simply show the promo on their smart phone and still claim the offer. Nice green initiative, or so I thought. However, I was told by the cashier at Taco Bell, I would have to print the deal out (as the person in line behind me did) to use it. Her recommendation was that I go to the library (cause libraries are open at 7 pm on Saturday, right?) and print it out.

I did try to go back to their page and take a screen shot of their response but my comment had been removed from their Facebook page before I could.

After Taco Bell refused to honor the deal, I tweeted to them. No response. I then went on Facebook the next day and recounted my experience. Their response was “Not all stores participated in the promotion.” Um, if they honored it for the person in line behind me, that is still participating, no? Who is running their social media accounts? Was that the standard response to anyone who had a problem using the deal that weekend?

Besides the deplorable handling of this social media initiative from every angle possible, it was rather sad that the store manager hid in the back and made his or her subordinate tell me he or she had chosen not to accept the Facebook promotion via mobile.

I even went back and read the rules of the promotion: Basically unrestricted use throughout the entire weekend. So, Taco Bell really, really, wants everyone to try their new menu. Why then the refusal to honor a mobile deal? Why kill trees unnecessarily?

If this happened to me, I’m sure it happened to many others as well. It is always a shame when a neat concept flops because of lack of proper company communication. Clearly, marketing came up with a great promotion but failed to properly communicate it down to the store level. They certainly spent enough money on it between advertising and media events.

Even more of a shame is I really did want to like the Cantina bowl. I really did want to believe Taco Bell had come up with a good concept. Provided the food lives up to how tasty they claim it is, they had an opportunity to win me and many others over who had sworn off their food. If only they had handled any part of the social media right. Unfortunately, they botched it up pretty good. No quiero Taco Bell.

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Crepe Recipe contest

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Eggs-treme Crepe Challenge Contest

Posted on 06 July 2012 by Administrator

We are excited to announce an exclusive contest open only to the Association of Food Bloggers Members. We are challenging members of the Association to come up with their own creative crepe recipe featuring Pete & Gerry’s Heirloom Eggs in the Eggs-treme Crepe Challenge. The contest is being run in conjunction with Pete & Gerry’s Heirloom Eggs and Carole Murko of Heirloom Meals. Participants have six weeks to come up with their own unique crepe recipe.

Pete & Gerry’s will provide the contest participants with a three month supply of heirloom eggs and a griddle in return for their posting their own original crepe recipe that will be showcased on their blog or website.

The winner will be chosen by Association of Food Bloggers founder, Malika Harricharan, Pete & Gerry’s and Carole Murko. The winner of the best recipe will:
• Receive a year’s supply of Pete & Gerry’s heirloom eggs
• Be interviewed on Carole Murko’s radio show
• Be featured on the Pete & Gerry’s and Heirloom Meals Websites

Interested? To enter, contact Malika Harricharan: info (at) Please provide a link to your site and a at least two sentences as to why you would like to enter the Eggs-treme Crepe Contest. Deadline to enter is July 20th.

We encourage bloggers to get as creative as possible, using videos if they like. In addition, there will also be a Reader’s choice winner. Beginning mid-Septemeber, readers can vote by “liking” a participant. The Reader’s choice winner will also receive a year’s supply of eggs and a radio interview on Heirloom Meals with Carole Murko.

Bloggers must use, mention and hyperlink to Pete & Gerry’s Heirloom Eggs website
Must include a before, during and after photo on their site
Recipe must be their own creation
Contest is limited to members of the association in the United States
All recipes must be live by August 31

About Pete & Gerry’s
Pete & Gerry’s Heirloom Eggs is, as one might guess, a producer of Heirloom and organic eggs. Heirloom chicken breeds are those raised by farmers before the rise of industrialized agriculture. They were bred to be well-suited to local environmental conditions. In addition to laying eggs with different colored shells, many of these heirloom eggs had rich, distinctive flavors.

About Carol
Carole Murko is a culinary artist who learned how to cook by observing her mother and
grandmother since she was three years old. Carole hosts a weekly radio show called Heirloom Meals Radio, a storytelling platform she created to share treasured family recipes, stories, and tips…“savoring yesterday’s traditions today”, on NPR affiliate Robinhood Radio. Carole blogs almost daily about life on her farm, cooking and life.
Heirloom Meals Website

To be considered as a participant email Malika – info (at) Hurry, deadline is July 20th. We can’t wait to see the tantalizing crepe recipes you’ll come up with!

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